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news:Meet “Alhaji Aregbe Idris”, One Of Nigerians Best Courteous Fellow

Here comes another living legend of our age, a man of genuine worth and possibilities; meet “Alhaji Aregbe Idris”, one of Nigerians best courteous fellow, today we celebrate a Pan African, as he tickers a year older , he is one that invokes some inspiring images of progress, ambition and possibility. He is an innovator; a cultural reformer, politician par excellence, a seasoned businessman, a philanthropist and all-round courtly gentleman with a penchant for supporting grass-roots initiatives.

Aregbe is a certified Political Scientist from the University of Lagos. This fearless reformer has charted laudable initiatives that have projected the startling beauties of Lagos and its stupendous opportunities.

His proven passion for the African culture spurred him to spearhead Africa’s largest cultural fusion, “Culturati”. The brand in it’s 12th year, has rewarded cultural excellence, empowered thousands of young cultural buffs, created business platforms for many to leverage, while celebrating Africa’s rich, diverse cultural heritage.

Aregbe’s knack for creating value and wealth gave him the impetus to establish successful leading brands that have continued to shape the culture of job creation, empowerment programmes and philanthropic gestures in Lagos state.

He is the fountainhead of No.1 Heritage Solutions, a brand committed to providing winning solutions; Connecting Lagos, a high-level business and people-networking platform; Dry Clean Lagos, a smart laundry service; Lagos Fries, a café for good food and fine dining.

These initiatives are solid proof of his resounding intelligence, which have, in no small amount, changed the fortunes of numerous youths and young Nigerians. This young juggernaut has made indelible marks in the course of his endeavours, which have become the touchstone to many young persons looking to borrow a leaf from his staggering success.

In 2018, Aregbe’s significant contributions in promoting political participation amongst the youths through his grass-roots initiative, Our Lagos Your Lagos, further amplified the decision of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC), to elect him as the Youth Organising Secretary APC, Lagos state.

This unassuming reformer has the cognate qualities and experience to match any male leader on all standards. He commands such admirable poise and confidence that can be likened to world leaders – in the class of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye, Chief Mrs Nike Davies-Okundaye amongst other celebrated leaders.

Aregbe is committed to challenging the status quo, breaking barriers, creating opportunities within his capacity to change the narratives of youths and push the African culture beyond the proximity of the African continent.

Follow @idrisconnectinglagos on instagram to wish him Happy Birthday

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